zaterdag 15 februari 2014

5 Ways to Increase the Visibility of Your Curated Content

I was recently asked by Bill Gasset: “how does one go about being in the recommended feed in the side panel for a specific topic?” As this is a question we frequently have, I thought I would turn my answer to him into a blog post so we can not only help other Scoopiteers benefit from it but also enrich it with your comments, ideas and suggestions.

1. Suggest content to other fellow curators, targeting those in your interests.
For instance, as a real-estate expert, you can go to the Real Estate interest through the navigation menu next to the search field and find the recommended topics and users in there. .....

2. Just scoop it!  
By default, new topics have the latest and best scoops which match their keywords among their suggested content (on top of content crawled by our semantic technology through other sources such as Twitter, blogs, etc…). ....

3. Scoop your original content
While scooping only original content could defeat the purpose, adding it to your curation brings an additional distribution channel as explained by Ally here (tip #9). .......

4. Earn recommendations and badges
Interest channels mentioned above prominently feature the topics which have earned recommendations from other users. .........

5. Build your community of interest
Every time you follow, rescoop or recommend another curators’ content, they receive a notification. .......

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7 Qualities of Highly Effective Content Curators

Every time I visit the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, I see something I’ve never seen before. In fact, t’s considered the most influential museum of modern art in the world. With that in mind, meet Klaus Biesenbach. Klaus holds the title “Chief Curator at Large” at MoMA. If you’ve visited the MoMA and walked away impressed (like I have), Klaus has a lot to do with that.

As content curators, we should all aspire to be like Klaus. After all, wouldn’t it be great if our content collections drew as much interest, respect and admiration as the collections at MoMA? In order to achieve this feat, we need to become highly effective content curators. In other words, we need to curate Internet content as we would fine art.

Let’s consider seven habits of content creation that would make Klaus Biesenbach proud.

1. Focus on Goals
What are your goals around content curation? .......

2. Have Empathy
Empathy is defined as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” .......

3. Be Careful, Cautious and Selective
Quality is the number one downfall of ineffective content curators. ......

4. Editorialize
I LOVE going to bookstores and reading a handwritten review from one of the employees. .....

5. Provide Attribution
I bet Klaus Biesenbach wishes he could “hyperlink” exhibit pieces to the artist who created it. .......

6. Understand What’s Timely and Trending
Sharing fresh milk is good. Sharing spoiled milk is rotten. .......

7. Have an Eye for a Great Title
Not everyone will be as thorough as you when reviewing content.  .......

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vrijdag 14 februari 2014

Alessandro Di Lella is toegetreden tot het team van SURLINIO op het gebied van Social Media Outsourcing

De mensen achter Surlinio zijn al 20 jaar bij diverse bedrijven bezig met grafisch ontwerp, huisstijl ontwikkeling, website hosting en het bouwen van eenvoudige tot zeer complexe web applicaties en sites. In de afgelopen jaren hebben we, samen met onze klanten, een stormachtige ontwikkeling doorgemaakt. En de ontwikkelingen op het gebied van internet en social media in het bijzonder gaan alleen maar sneller.

Meer dan de helft van het internet verkeer gaat inmiddels via mobiele apparaten, en die trend zal alleen maar toenemen. Wij houden ons dagelijks bezig met het helpen van onze klanten de meest recente trends en technologie in te zetten voor het verhogen van hun omzet en merkbekendheid.

Alessandro Di Lella, Social Media Outsourcing, Content Creation, Content Curation
Alessandro beheert één van de grootste op Italië gerichte blogs van Nederland. Daarnaast een expert op het gebied van Content Curation en blogs.

zondag 9 februari 2014

Mobile Content Curating with SCOOP.IT - Reach your target audience!

Great online Application for your Smartphone or Tablet.

Content Curation 'On The Go'

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Welkom bij de Social Media Content Curating activiteiten van Di Lella Productions

Onze Sociale Media en Content Curating activiteiten realiseren wij in samenwerking met Surlinio: social media en mobiele websites!

Als basis van onze eigen Content Curating activiteiten in het 
Italiaanse Thema gebruiken wij Scoop.IT

Graag stellen wij onze expertise op het gebied van Social Media Strategie en Content Curation Oplossingen beschikbaar zodat ook U gericht uw doelgroep kunt bereiken met een duidelijke (Social) Call to Action!

Neem contact met ons op voor de mogelijkheden.

Meer info over de samenwerking.

Maak ook eens kennis met onze eigen